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Our Services

We are the leading service provider for Export & Import market related to Textile and Leather Articles.

Our services are as under

  • Buying agents
  • Sourcing agents
  • Inspecting agent

1) Buying agents If you want us to buy any product for your company than this service is very useful for you. We buy the products as per your request with best manufacturer and than exports it back to you. In this service if you once approved the quality than it is our responsibility to check the quality at the time of manufacturing process along with speedy production so that you can get your order with you in time .

Charges for following Services

  • Single Purchase = 125 US $ ( For causal Buyers ) Scheme Code EQI/OS/BA/01
  • Five Purchases = 500 US $ ( For causal Buyers) Scheme Code EQI/OS/BA/02
  • Yearly Purchases = 1800US$ (For Regulars Buyers) Scheme Code EQI/OS/BA/03

Important Notes

  • Single Purchase can consist of one purchase order with maximum up to 10 categories.
  • Five Purchases can consists of five purchase order within the period of three months and up to 10 Categories in one purchase order to be purchased.
  • In yearly Purchases there is limit of thirty Purchase orders within one year and up to 10 Category to be purchased in one purchase order

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2) Sourcing agents There are many manufacturers who don't have any web site and are not listed in any internet listing but they are the best so if you want us to search such manufacturers than we will find them for you and Re-direct the manufacturer to you

Charges for following Services

  • Finding within city = US$ 50 Scheme Code EQI/OS/SA/01
  • Finding Within State = US$ 100 Scheme Code EQI/OS/SA/02
  • Finding outside state = US$ 200 Scheme Code EQI/OS/SA/03

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3) Inspecting agent If you are the regular buyer from India and purchases regularly, So you can appoint us to check your production and thus we will emphasize upon timely production and approved quality by you. And after every day inspection we will send you report of the day.

Charges for following Services

  • Inspecting within city = US$ 10/Perday Scheme Code EQI/OS/IA/01
  • Inspecting within state = US$ 20/perday Scheme Code EQI/OS/IA/02
  • Inspecting outside state = US$ 100/singleday Scheme Code EQI/OS/IA/03
  • Inspecting outside state = US$ 90/six days (continuous) Scheme Code EQI/OS/IA/04
  • Inspecting outside state = US$ 200/month Scheme Code EQI/OS/IA/05

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